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Jack Ryan is a television project of Paramount Television based on the popular hero created by Tom Clancy developed for Amazon. Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland, producer and screenwriter Lost respectively, are the names behind this production. Starring John Krasinski, this series provides a current approach to the famous spy. Baltimore native and son of a police and military veteran, Jack Ryan at an early age entered the body of Marine Corps of the United States, where the degree of Second Lieutenant obtained. However, his career was hampered by a helicopter crash in which he suffered severe back injuries. After his recovery, Jack went to work as an investor, until the CIA contacted him to offer you a position as an external agent of the agency, at which time begins to fulfill various missions on behalf of the organization in order to end terrorist groups, international criminals, and trafficking in nuclear weapons. The various missions and adventures of Jack Ryan have been adapted to the big screen several times, being played by Alec Baldwin (in The Hunt for Red October), Harrison Ford (Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger), Ben Affleck (Fears) and Chris Pine (Jack Ryan: Shadow Operation).

After surviving a helicopter crash of traumatized Marine Jack Ryan has permanent pain in the back. He has a doctorate in economics, has once worked in the financial sector and now has operations in four years as an analyst for the CIA. When Ryan discovered a pattern in the communication and in the financial transactions of suspected terrorists, he must leave his safe desk and finds himself in the middle of a new kind of terrorism, which threatens to cause destruction on a global scale. A hunt through Europe and the Middle East begins, which leads him to Yemen. Jack Ryan will prevent a devastating terrorist attack against the US and its allies.