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Biopic of two episodes that narrates the different stages of the life of Carmina Ordoñez (childhood-Carla Diaz, youth- Ana Caldas, maturity- Patricia Vico ‘Central Hospital’), ranging from his childhood and adolescence in a family bullfighters, until his untimely death in mysterious circumstances at the age of 49 years. The series makes us witnesses of a life full of love, heartache, sadness and felicidad.El rest of the cast is completed: Angel Caballero (Paquirri), Santiago Meléndez (Antonio Ordóñez), Belinda Washington (Pilar Lezcano), Cristina de Inza ( Carmina Dominguín), Petra Martínez (Elena Lizana, La Tata), Claudia Traisac (Belen Ordonez), Miguel Diosdado (Fran Rivera), José Ángel Trigo (Cayetano Rivera), Adrian Lamana (Julian Contreras Junior), Miguel Fernandez (Julian Contreras) Mauricio Bautista (Ernesto Neyra) and Ivan Hermes (Antonio Arribas).