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Mr Pickles Jeff -or, as he is known in the television- it is an endearing man whose goodness, kindness and wisdom has accompanied young people and parents of America, being a child star that in some way or another have always been present . But beyond a public figure, is also a millionaire who has managed to forge a great imperio.Sin But Jeff’s family, consisting of his wife, his two children, her sister and her father begins to fall apart and Jeff discovers that his fantasy world is more cruel than I thought, that there is a celebrity who can guide you in this way and you have to learn to cope with problems he solo.Kidding is a touching comedy starring Jim Carrey for Showtime which has as director Michel Gondry.

Jeff (Jim Carrey) maintains his iconic role as Mr. Pickel’s not just the little children of the United States and has them a model of compassion and kindness: Even for their parents it has already filled this function. Away from the popular “public” persona Jeff is also the multi-million dollar company before that, is necessarily the brand “Mr. has formed Pickles “.