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“Legends’ is a drama of TNT starring former CIA agent turned-private detective Martin Odum (Sean Bean, ‘Game of Thrones’), an expert with the uncanny ability of a chameleon: to become a different person for each job that charge. Although his mastery of multiple identities enters into a tailspin when a mysterious man appears before him and insinuates that Martin is not who he thinks he is. And it Odum is not the spy book as the Bourne hero created by Robert Ludlum, but rather an extravagant guy with a curious sense of humor.
 Among the partners are Troy Quinn Martin (Rob Mayes, ‘The Client List’), a former field agent who now works as a federal agent; Maggie Harris (Tina Majorinus, True Blood), a newcomer to the CIA; and Crystal Alvarez (Ali Larter, “”Heroes””), an agent with whom Martin had an intense relationship in the past. Amber Valletta ( ‘Revenge’), who plays Sonya Odum, the ex-wife of Martin, who has a pre-teen Aiden (Lux Haney Jardine ‘: vampire hunter Abraham Lincoln’) son, also appears.
 The title is based on the book by Robert Littell master of the genre and has big names in the production area. Starting with Howard Gordon ( ‘Homeland’, ’24’), Alexander Cary ( ‘Lie to Me’) and Jonathan Levin ( “”Charmed””).”