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The world of detective Sam Tyler will change forever. Trying to rescue his best friend and his girlfriend have been abducted by a serial murderer, Sam has a car accident. When he wakes … it is in 1973. The detective will have to adapt to his new life, trying to find out if he really is living all those experiences or just in a coma in 2006.

Rex, a different police ‘(‘ Inspector Rex ‘) is a television series of police court held in Germany, Austria and Italy and originally issued by ORF and RAI. From 1994 to 2004, over 119 chapters, fiction was produced in Vienna and from 2008, in its 11th season, the series is filmed in Rome. ‘Rex, a different police’ follows the adventures of Rex, a German shepherd who is part of the body of criminal police in Vienna. He can actively working with the rest of his team to solve crimes. The television series is broadcast in Spain by Antena 3, Telecinco, regional television of FORTA, Neox and Nitro.