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Line of Duty is a British police drama dealing with the CA-12 unit, one of the twelve units fighting corruption operating within the Police Force West Midlands. Steve Arnott was an agent reaching antiterrorism because this unit was involved in a shooting which killed a man inocente.La CA-12 unit consists of several policemen who have to adapt to this new recruit. Kate Fleming detective and covert specialist is prepared to investigate all agents, both in and out of AC-12. Ted Hastings is the official AC-12, the chief commissioner. He is the one who recruits Arnott and Fleming, and gives it meaning of the law to see both white and black. The rest of the team is composed of Matthew “Dot” Cottan, Denton and Nigel Lindsay Morton.La series created by Jed Mercurio, is produced by World Productions and BBC. David Caffrey and Douglas Mackinnon are the directors of the first season. Jed Mercurio produce the first season while the second is produced by Peter Norris. The cast is headed by Martin Compston (Filth, dirty) as Steve Arnott, Vicky McClure (Redemption) who plays Kate Fleming, Adrian Dunbar (Act of God) gives life to Ted Hastings, Keeley Hawes plays Lindsay Denton, Craig Parkinson as Matthew “Dot” Cottan and Neil Morrissey as Nigel Morton.

Line of Duty ‘is a British police BBC2 drama about the life of a police unit, specifically the AC-12, which is dedicated to the fight against corruption. This unit works within the Police Force of the West Midlands and it is joined by Steve Arnott, counterterrorism agent. Detective Inspector lands on patrol after being involved in a shootout that killed an innocent man. The AC-12 patrol consists of several agents have to acclimatize to the way of working of Steve. Kate Fleming detective Sergeant and topo specialist who is willing to snoop the life of all agents, both within and outside the AC-12 unit.

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The critically-acclaimed authorities corruption dramatization returns for a thrilling 4th series which sees Air Conditioning-12encountering their most sneaky challenger yet! Under stress from her superiors, DCI Roz Huntley (ThandieNewton) …