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Described as a provocative look at the world of horse racing -the owners, gambling, jockeys-, ‘Luck’ has Dustin Hoffman ( ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ ‘Rain Man’) in her first television role on the orders David Milch, creator of “Deadwood” and Michael Mann, director, among other films, ‘Heat’ and ‘Enemies públicos’.El twice Oscar winner gets into the skin of Ace Bernstein, a figure of crime I organized -Just out of jail after being involved in gambling and money-laundering in the style of Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) of ‘Boardwalk Empire’. Michael Gambon (better known for his portrayal of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter saga) makes Michael, the nemesis of Bernstein and Nick Nolte ( “The Thin Red Line”) plays “The Old Man,” a coach Kentucky horse with “a dark past” but with a second chance in his hand. Two other familiar faces that are part of the cast are Dennis Farina ( ‘Saving Private Ryan’) and John Ortiz (American Gangster). Farina will play Gus Economou, former chauffeur Hoffman’s character, which will help to trace an illegal plan related to horses to earn money. They Turo Escalante, played by Ortiz, a coach with a questionable reputation will be added. In addition, Patrick J. Adams ( ‘FlashForward’, ‘Pretty Little Liars’) will play Nathan Isreal, other Assistants Bernstein.

In the series “Luck” is all about the world of horse racing: When Ace Bernstain (Dustin Hoffman) after three years comes out of jail, he teams up again with his former chauffeur and bat Gus Economou (Dennis Farina) together with together concoct him a complex plan on how they can deduct on the racetrack a big thing. The aim is to assist them Turo Escalante (John Ortiz), a horse trainer with dubious reputation.

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Luck season 1 DIRECT LINKS EpisodeGuide Episode1:. Pilot air day: 2012-01-29 Releasedfrom jail after 3 years, “Ace” Bernstein stories retribution versus the coworkers that betrayed him. With his relied …