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“Lucky 7 is based on the British series The Syndicate. The plot revolves around a group of seven co-workers from a gas station in Queens, among all who decide to buy a lottery ticket turns out to be rewarded.
 Thanks to this award, the protagonists solve many of their problems. Matt can now leave his mother’s house to own with his girlfriend and children; Nicky’s brother, Matt, is a former convict who has a dangerous outstanding debt that can cope with this money; Samira, a Pakistani immigrant, will go to Juilliard; Denise, cashier, tries to return with her husband after separation; Leanne, a single mother, can make dreams reality of his daughter; Bob finally may retire; and Antonio may have children and start their lives from scratch with his wife.
 The cast of the series is formed by Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (The Wire) as Bob Harris; Matt Long (Private Practice) as Matt Korzak; Stephen Louis grush (Detroit 1-8-7) as Nicky Korzak; Lorraine Bruce (Eden Lake) and Denise; Anastasia Phillips (Stoked) as Leanne; Summer Bishil (Towelhead) as Samira Rajpur; Luis Antonio Ramos (The Ruins) as Antonio Clemente; and Christine Evangelista (The Joneses) as Mary.”