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The renowned series revolves around the protagonist who gives title: Agnus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson, ‘Stargate’). This works for the Phoenix Foundation and is the special envoy appointed to any mission, especially highly dangerous. The point is that Mac is not the typical man of action, he relies more on skill than strength. Not in favor of firearms, always acting in self-defense and never kills his enemies. His intelligence and original way of thinking what makes him a specialist, being able to get away from any situation. Their weapons: a Swiss Army knife, his Jeep convertible and a backpack full of simple objects such as lighters, chewing gum or clips with thanks to their scientific knowledge develops devices able to remedy the problem more complicated. Star defender of law and order will face enemies of all kinds, from drug traffickers managers who abuse their employees but yes, always leaving aside violence.

Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson) is a secret agent belonging to the Phoenix Foundation and try to solve all problems peacefully. He is a gifted and well, never carry weapons, only one Swiss Army knife. The protagonist has to solve all disputes will arise in the different missions and it has to use his intelligence and his great technical knowledge: