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Mad Dogs is a series of black comedy with touches of thriller created and written by Cris Cole, issued by the BBC between February 2011 and December 2013, for four full seasons psychological. The series revolves around four friends who have been known for a long time: Baxter (John Simm, Quinn (Philip Glenister), Rick (Marc Warren) and Woody (Max Beesley) .These four friends meet in a villa in Mallorca to celebrate Alvo (Ben Chaplin), a mutual friend, retire early. After Milo is killed in strange circumstances by a man in a mask deTony Blair, the group finds himself embroiled in a world of crime and police corruption involving the Serbian mafia and a huge network of lies and murders, where sometimes be impersonating drug dealers. the four are helped by a Majorcan villager, Carmen, played by Spanish actress Leticia Dolera.Cris Cole is the executive producer of the series, while Adrian Shergold and James Hawes are responsible for directing episodes. the main themes of the series are the amistady what it means to age.

Based on the same successful British series, “Mad Dogs” revolves around the reunion of a group of unsuccessful mid-forties. The protagonist – a mixture of stand-alone, married and recently divorced figures – all are at turning points in their lives. While they celebrate the retirement of an old friend in his beautiful villa in Belize, envy and secrets are revealed. Gradually their journey to a tangled nightmare of lies, deception and even murder is. In Mad Dogs friendship is put to the ultimate test. The cracks within the group break after several unexplained incidents on more and more. Only at this point realize the friends that they are the only people they can trust. but they are on they want to rely on the last people.