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The history of “Maron” season 2 is based on the fate of the same brand, with which viewers are familiar for several years now. The third season ended happily: the protagonist finally able to equip a recording studio. Despite the fact that it is located in the garage, Maron happy with the circumstances. The only “but” – an improvised show the main character still does not have the desired popularity, so throughout the fourth season, he will by all means to improve their podcasts, and this tendency will change his life forever. Comedy project is notable for the fact that the script was written by Mark himself Maron, co-authored by Duncan Birmingham and Sievert Glerumom. Therefore, we can say that all the events of the series are taken from real life and really reflect the complexity of the process of filming a TV show. The history of the comic, which is already 25 years old goes to his goal, will not leave indifferent as the introduction to the world of art people, and just lovers of good American humor.