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Robert Taro (Gerard Depardieu) has been the mayor of Marseille for the last twenty years and prepares his last great trick as a politician: fix the next election to build a casino in the historic center of the port. In these elections, Taro faces Lucas Barres (Benoit Magimel), the man he has chosen as his successor, an ambitious young man who aims high and that for a long time, was his protege. The great ambition of his disciple and hidden interests of city leaders make this campaign a battle in which you do not know who will win. A merciless war that revolves around revenge and greed, led by drug lords, politicians and unions in the city, throwing a question: what will be able Marseille is a political thriller that revolves around the power struggle and corruption in a city where the rich are ever further redemption. Created and directed by Dan Franck, the series is fully recorded in Marseille, France.

Robert Taro (Gerard Depardieu) is the mayor of the eponymous city for 25 years. But he will (Benoit Magimel) challenged calculated by the young political newcomers in the upcoming elections now that he had actually even built as his successor.