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Inhumans are a new species that has been artificially created by an alien race. In a ritual they performed when inhuman go from being children to adults, use so-called “Mists terrigenous” to mutate each of them differently and give them superhuman powers. Thus, a superior race between the king Black Bolt.Un military coup highlights makes the Royal Family of the Inhumans fracture and leave Attilan to escape to Hawaii is achieved. There realize that the interaction they have with the world and humanity not only worth them so that they might be saved, but the alliance can also save all Tierra.La series is based on characters from comic The Inhumans, created Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and first appeared in 1965. It stars Anson Mount (Hell on wheels) and Black Bolt, Serinda Swan (Graceland) as Medusa, Isabelle Cornish (Puberty Blues) as Crystal and Sonya Balmores (Beyond the Break) as Auran. The first two episodes of the series will be released in Imax theaters in early September 2017, and the rest will come to ABC throughout the fall.

The ‘Inhumans’ series are based on the story of the impoverished Attilan royal family, a nation established on the Moon and inhabited by people with extraordinary powers. Political stability hangs in the balance and the threat of human discovery of their society in a rather near future, the differences between the king and his brother, do nothing but get worse.