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Mayans MC is a dramatic series derived from the acclaimed FX television drama Sons of Anarchy. This series is set in the world of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO), following the story of the biker gang called Mayans MC. This band of Latinos runs a drug lab, controlled the heroin trade and is linked to shady deals with prostitution, as well, of course, be involved in a series of violent crimes. Moreover, this group has a conflicting relationship (sometimes collaboration, but sometimes rivalry) with Jax Teller and SAMCRO. Mayans MC is a dark and visceral family drama that provides a fresh look at most American icons through a Latino perspective, moving outside the law. Kurt Sutter, creator of Sons of Anarchy, also leads this production. Mayans MC is written and produced by Elgin James. This series presents a new approach to motorcycle gang based in Oakland and made his first appearance in Sons of Anarchy.

EZ Rayes is a new “member on trial” ( “Prospect”) with a group of Mayans Motor Club on the border of California and Mexico. Once seemed to have the chance to bring it into a middle-class life in the United States to some of the smart EZ. But then he ended up in prison and now has after his release to build a new life for themselves – on the wrong side of the law.