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A vampire detective is to help mortals instead of drinking their blood. Chapter by chapter, the bloodsuckers have to fight with your gut feeling, immortality and love for mortal girl.

In the pilot episode, the formerly successful fashion model Madelyn Hayes realizes that she has been betrayed by her management after line and thread. She gets to her surprise from bankruptcy, but is the owner of several properties as depreciation declared companies, including the detective City of Angels. Head of unsuccessful detective David Addison. As Maddie wants on the advice of her lawyer close the detective, Addison defends with tooth and nail. He tries to win Maddie as head of the detective, but she refuses to work with him. That changes when Maddie gets from a dying punk a mysterious wristwatch slipped after a dinner in the restaurant and the two detectives are so unintentionally restarted involved together in an exciting manhunt. Finally Maddie becomes the owner of the new Blue Moon Detective Agency.