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Distilling without a license is illegal in the United States. But to laws, Tim, “Tickle” and take care of “popcorn” very little. In their usual way of life, the men can be reluctant to meddle with the blue overalls of strangers. This is especially true for “moonshining” because that has a long tradition in Virginia. In the 17th century the first settlers distilled here in self-built equipment their high-proof alcohol. And it has changed little to this day. Thus, the long-established residents have absolutely no understanding that the State would earn hard on their lucrative trade. Instead of paying taxes, they contract rather deep in the forests of Virginia returned to exercise their illegal craft in secret locations – where they are hard to find for law enforcement officers. The new documentary series shows the risky and exciting life of a dedicated community in the Appalachian Mountains.

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Moonshinersseason 6 DIRECT LINKS EpisodeGuide Episode1:. WhiskeyRebellion sky day: 2016-11-15 It’s moonshine season inAppalachia Josh has actually run into the ground operating yet managing solo can easily cause tragic …