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“Narcos: Mexico” an action-Packed television series, which is a direct continuation of the popular series”Narco”. The new season will be the actual restart of the legendary show with new actors, and talk about Felix Gallardo, Mexico’s largest drug dealer, who founded the Guadalajara cartel.
Enrique “Kiki” Camarena-agent of the Office for drug control, which the us authorities sent to Mexico to investigate the illegal activities of Gallardo and his drug cartel. Arriving in Guadalajara with his wife and three children, Kiki is witnessing an unprecedented cartel war, the killing of police officers and the terror of civilians.
Determined to get down to business, Camarena realizes that his special mission is much more difficult than he could have imagined initially. Gallardo-one of the most dangerous criminals who does not neglect the intimidation and bribery of the authorities to achieve their goals, and it needs to be very careful. While Enrico is collecting data on Gallardo, Felix’s men begin to monitor the agent, realizing that they are not in front of an ordinary COP, but one of the most experienced and dangerous employees of the DEA.
“Narco: Mexico “-a drama series made in the best traditions of the franchise” Narco”, where viewers will witness the real story unfolding in Mexico in the mid-80s of the twentieth century.