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The Patriot’s argument revolves around an intelligence agent named John Tavner (Michael Dorman), who is charged with the mission to dismantle Iran’s nuclear ambitions. To do this, he must adopt a cover identity and impersonating a regular employee in a company of industrial pipelines in Milwaukee. John has to constantly fight PTSD, government incompetence, and the complexities of keeping their job, and they cause a lot of failures that endanger the misión.Dirigida by Steve Conrad (The Secret Life Walter Mitty) tells this story that focuses on the Tavner, where his father, Tom Tavner (Terry O’Quinn) is the Director of Intelligence of the United States Department of State family and where his older brother, Edward (Michael Chernus ) is a member of the Senate. In addition to being on medication to control your stress, John found in folk music, a way to avoid the trauma. The series is produced by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, while the script is signed by Conrad.

“Patriot” tells the story of John Allerton, who works as an undercover spy, although he has a job with a US government agency in “real life”. John is to thwart the nuclear program of Iran. For this he hires at a company for tubes, which is located in the rural American state of Milwaukee and does business in the Middle East.