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Medical-legal drama in which an unusual doctor helps members solve cases FBI asesinato.El Dr. Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack, ‘Guru’, ‘Diagnosis: Murder “) is a professor of neurology with an understanding especially how the human mind works: nooks and crannies, the emotions that blind people … But Daniel has a problem and is suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. For the rest it would be an ordeal, but Daniel accepts it as a part of himself and is delighted with his schizophrenic episodes and hallucinations. The reason? He thinks that when he suffers one of his attacks comes to understand details of their investigations would be unable to achieve when your mind is in your state habitual.Sea as his talent is such that he is recruited by the FBI to help solve its researchers more complicated cases. Kate Moretti agent (Rachael Leigh Cook, ‘Las Vegas’, ‘Psych’), student Daniel, will you go to him for advice for their research and the only one not judge him by his strange behavior, caused by his mental instability. Also are Max Lewicki (Arjay Smith, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, ‘Malcolm in the Middle’), your personal assistant who will handle make life easier for everything, and her best friend, Natalie Vincent (Kelly Rowan, ‘The O.C ‘,’ Hook. captain Hook ‘), the only one able to match him in intelligence.