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Fiorella Bianchi is an Italian girl of 23 who has been motherless and has to take charge and take care of her family: her younger sister, Gianna, who has a heart condition, and his father, Mario, who suffers from pneumonia. with the death of his father, Fiorella receives a marriage proposal from Vittorio Dragone, an owner famed restaurants, much older than her, who promises to cover the medical expenses of his sister. Aware of the age difference, Vittorio sends you a picture of when I was young and Fiorella agree to the necesidad.Junto his sister, Fiorella travels to Mexico to meet Vittorio, but instead ends up knowing Peter Angeles, the man their dreams. Peter seems to be a good man, yet his wealthy family built their wealth by relying on criminal acts. Differences between social class both are abysmal, but together we must fight to defend their love.