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Centered on a young baseball star, this series tells the story of the first woman who defied all obstacles and against all odds, managed to play in the Major League Baseball (MLB, for its acronym in English). Pitch is a series of television drama created by Dan Fogelman and Rick Singer, and developed for Fox, low production company 20th Century Fox Television’s hand and Rhode Island Ave. Left Coast Productions Productions.Esta series, set in San Diego, is starring Canadian actress (best known for her role as Lacey Porter in the ABC series Twisted) Kylie Bunbury. Bunbury plays Ginny, a talented ‘pitcher’ (pitcher) amounting surprise in the world of professional baseball to mark a new episode in the history books of this deporte.Además Porter, the cast includes Mark Paul Gosselaar on paper Mike Lawson, a handsome and charming future Hall of Fame very confident baseball. Mike, a flirt when not in the field and a leader when you step on the diamond, do not know what to do with the undeniable spark that comes between him and Ginny. Mistrustful at first, Mike’s help as much as possible to show how things work, and together they give new meaning to the term “team chemistry”.

How would the life of the first woman to play in a Major League Baseball? The new FOX sitcom bring the viewer the growth of the young protagonist, who struggles against the odds to achieve his dream.