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Extremely topical drama film is based on real events that occurred in the late seventies of the last century, when a passenger plane en route from Israel to France, was captured on board were terrorists. Comply with the demands of criminals, the pilots changed course and put the aircraft at a small airport, located on the territory of the African nation of Uganda. This fact complicated the task to free the hostages. Throughout the week, we attempt to solve the problem through diplomacy, but they may be to no avail. The fact that the Israeli government did not conduct negotiations with terrorists after the tragic events of the Munich Olympics and could not meet the requirements of criminals, releasing all Palestinian prisoners for terrorism and serving time in Israeli jails. When the hopes for a positive outcome is left, Israeli Prime Minister has given permission to rescue the hostages with their own special forces. “Operation Thunderball” was to be held on the prearranged plan, but from the beginning there are difficulties that prevent special forces soldiers to obey orders.