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This series is an adaptation of the novel written by author Jonathan Franzen and published in 2015. The story revolves around Purity Purity Tyler, whom everyone knows as Pip, a young girl who has been raised in particular circumstances, under the ciudados his lonely and reclusive mother in Felton, southern California. His mother concealed information about his past: items such as your original name and age or who his father is. Thus, when a group of German anarchist activists the recruit, Pip travels to Bolivia to find respuestas.Purity is a series produced by Scott Rudin (producer of The Newsroom), while the script and direction are in the hands of Todd Field ( secrets) games. Jonathan Franzen is the co-writer of this adaptation of his own work. The first installment of this series has 20 episodes and marks the first participation of actor Daniel Craig (Skyfall) in a television series in the United States.