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The plot revolves around a huge family living in Wolverhampton, England. The head of household is Della Garry, a single mother who is forced to ciudar of his four children on her own, something that is not easy because they are all very different and have their own problems. Rebekah Staton (Hereafter) gives life to Della Garry, the head of the family should try to raise their children, played by Helen Monks (Upstart Crow) as Germaine, Alexa Davies (X + Y) as Aretha, Caden Ellis Wall (Inside No. 9) is Wyatt, Molly Risker is Yoko and Erin Freeman as Mariah. Rounding out the cast Philip Jackson (the best) and Kaine Zajaz (Lucid the Dreamwalker), among others.The comedy pilot episode was developed by the BBC and aired on Channel 4 on 23 December 2013. Subsequently, he ordered the rest of the series had a total of 13 episodes over two seasons. Caitlin Moran and Caroline were responsible for the script and the most involved in fiction in which they were also producers. The last epidosio was issued on April 6, 2016.