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Real Rob is a new Netflix series, created by comedian Rob Schneider actor. Starring Rob same, this production focuses on real life Rob Schneider in Hollywood. In the series, Schneider lives in two worlds: one is the most important person on the set; on the other, the third most important in a family of three, under his two year old daughter, Miranda and her young Mexican wife, Patricia person. Rob will have to deal with fame and his family in this comedy in which his assistant is scarier than the stalker and the stalker is more reliable than its asistente.Esta comedy also scripted comedy mixes with actual performances stand-up comedy Schneider in an exaggerated and honest representation of real life Rob Schneider. The script of the series is held by Schneider, though accompanied by his wife, producer and Mexican writer Patricia Azarcoya Schneider, who will co-star in the series. The cast for the first season includes names like George Lopez, David Spade and Norm Macdonald.