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Matilda Gray is a promising young Londoner who one day violoncello faces a traumatic event: her mother takes her own life for no apparent reason. This is not the only impact that has to deal Matilda then, looking among the belongings of his mother, discovers evidence relating to a disappearance in 1994, twenty years ago, in which a little girl disappeared in Wales to never be seen más.De this way, she decides to go to Wales to find out more about his past and his own identity while some dark forces of this world are waiting for a long time to regrese.Se Matilda is a fantastic thriller They outcropping in issues such as identity and memory of people. Netflix and BBC join in this project with Christopher Aird, Katrine Dudley, Willow Grylls, Kris Mrksa, Charles Pattinson and Elaine Pyke as producers. In its cast includes Lydia Wilson (Star Trek: Beyond) as Matilda, James Frecheville (Threats network) and Nick Dean, Sian Reese-Williams (Emmerdale Farm) as Trudy Franken and Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey, before you) Stephen Kendrick.

After her mother’s death, a young woman, questions about the family history, the mother and ask yourself starts. Here, she discovers that her mother has told her many lies. She sets out to discover the truth on the ground – even if it could cost them their own identity.