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Resurrection ‘is an American drama, adapted from the novel by Jason Mott’ The Returned ‘, focusing on the inhabitants of Arcadia (United States) whose lives change suddenly when their loved ones, now deceased, return to vida.Jacob, an 8-year-old wakes up alone in a rural area of ​​China without knowing how he got there. Jacob (Landon Gimenez) starts to remember and remember it is not in China where he was born, but he is Arcadia. That’s when Martin Bellamy (Omar Epps, House), an immigration agent, leads him to his city natal.Cuando comes to which was his home as a child, he finds that is occupied by an elderly couple that recognizes immediately as their parents. They lost their son Jacob over 30 years ago. When they meet again begin to form the puzzle pieces to unravel this mystery, with the help of sheriff whose wife also died the same day that Jacob while trying to save the life of the child.

rose from the dead … This subject is covered in the US drama series “Resurrection” intensive. An 8-year-old boy wakes up one morning in a rice field in the middle of a rural Chinese province and can not remember anything except his name Jacob. Using a man by the Immigration Department will start searching for his identity, and after a while it becomes clear that he is different from the other children. He can not remember his own death …