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Tearjerker ‘high class’ to ‘Gossip Girl’ trying to be intellectual airs reinterpreting the novel by Alexandre Dumas ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’, only female version. Emily VanCamp, very good actress known for her role as Amy Abbott on ‘Everwood’ and Rebecca Harper in ‘Brothers & Sisters’, gives life to Emily Thorne, a mysterious woman who travels to the Hamptons vacation -place the rich-to revenge on those who destroyed his familia.En the Hamptons, just outside New York, no one survives without fortune, beauty and social status. It’s what separates the rich from the poor; the interest of the marginalized. But Emily is willing to lie and to infiltrate; overcome all these barriers might fulfill his long-awaited revenge. Has some other neighbor with money, has made several friends and, apparently, has adapted to the city as an heiress to a classy Chanel suit. Although there is something that does not fit into a young woman living alone in such an exclusive place … Before their place of residence, until something happened to his family and his reputation. Now Emily is not as innocent as before and is willing to pay his enemies what hicieron.Aparte Van Camp, ‘Revenge’ includes in its cast names like Madeleine Stowe (The Last of the Mohicans’, ‘Twelve Monkeys’) Nick Wechsler ( “Roswell”), Christina Chang (’28 days’, ‘Die Hard 4.0’), Connor Paolo ( ‘Gossip Girl’) or Joshua Bowman ( ‘Now or never’). Will the next ‘The O.C.’?

Emily Thorne is a young, attractive woman who makes a big secret about her true identity. When she returns to her old home, she has only one goal. She wants revenge on all those who have families destroyed by lies and intrigue. Emily Thorne previously lived together under the name Amanda Clarke happy with her father, David Clarke, begins a dangerous game against the powerful and wealthy Grayson family. Through the engagement with the Grayson-son, they can begin their revenge from the innermost circle. Soon she realizes that she needs support and allies himself with the smartest Internet hacker Nolan Ross.