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Revolution ‘is a drama that mixes adventure with science fiction, produced by NBC and created by J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, ‘Alcatraz’, ‘Armageddon’) and Eric Kripke ( “Boogeyman, the door of fear ‘,’ Supernatural ‘). The series follows a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world in the style of ‘Jericho’, which tries to recover lost everything in life pasado.La Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos, ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ ) is turned upside down when his father Ben (Tim Guinee, ‘Iron man’) is killed by a local militia led by the somber Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito, ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘once upon a time’), a man without scruples owes obedience to the almighty General Monroe (David Lyons, ‘ER’). Fearful of what will be the reaction of your boss if you do not catch the man who seeks Neville takes hostage Danny’s brother Charlie (Graham Rogers, ‘Long Time Gone’), very delicate because of their asthma attacks .Deseosa to know why his father has been murdered, Charlie begins an investigation that will lead you to discover that he was involved in “Blackout”. And the world is mired in a post-apocalyptic darkness for 15 years, when all electricity disappeared and any kind of technology was unusable. Thus, cars, computers or mobile phones are useless, and people have been forced to work on plantations and traveling in carromatos.Durante all this time, small groups of survivors have malvivido among the ruins of its ancient civilization. But Charlie research could lead humanity to a new future that could perhaps recover lost resources. With the help of his military uncle Miles (Billy Burke, Twilight), the partner of his father Maggie (Anna Lise Phillips, ‘Animal Kingdom’) and former employee of Google and millionaire Aaron (Zak Orth, ‘Romeo and Juliet ” you lyrics, music I ‘), Charlie will seek answers to help them understand the motives that are hidden behind “Blackout” and thus restore stability survivors who once ruled their lives. However, while the men of Monroe persiguen.La them protagonist, on the other hand, are still unclear what happened to his mother Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell, ‘Lost’, ‘V’), supposedly dead years after “The Blackout”. And that’s not all, as it also develops an unusual relationship with Nate (JD Pardo, ‘A modern ceniciente’ ‘Far from the scorched earth’), a member of the militia handsome, expert in handling the bow, that saves his life on two occasions. Will it be a double agent? It also hides many secrets Grace (Maria Howell, ‘Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire’, ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’), a woman he agrees Danny to escape the militia and could hold the key to the electricity again move the world.

Without warning, suddenly the lights went out on the ground. For 15 years, people have been living now without electricity. The technical retrogression has plunged the planet into chaos. After the collapse of government and administration, the US has been splintered into numerous regions, which are dominated by mercenaries. Ben Matheson had foreseen the blackout and saved valuable information on a USB flash drive. he knew how the current can be reactivated? After Ben murdered and his son Danny is kidnapped, to daughter Charlie makes the perilous search for her uncle Miles to merge the family and to solve the mystery.