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Kit is an American girl who is forced to move in with his father to England. She crosses the ocean and try to find a way to fit into this new world where, in addition, all mounted on horseback. Kit’s life undergoes a great change; new school, new classmates, new home and new city. The first friend he finds is TK, the wild horse of the school. Without really knowing how or why, connected with this animal that will be inseparable, and also the respect of his new classmates will win. However, there is a problem, and that Kit has a terrible riding panic. Will it be able to overcome their fears Starring Kendra Leigh Timmins (Wingin ‘It) in the role of Katherine’ Kit ‘Bridges, this series has changed a cast composed of: Rameet Rauli as Anya, Alana Boden (The Jumper) is Elaine, Oliver Dench (One Night at the Aristo) as will, Jonny Gray (Max and Shred) is Josh and Manuel Pacific Nav.Este teen drama plays for Nickelodeon has two directors: Stefan Scaini and Tim Hopewell. Production comes from the hand of Breakthrough Entertainment and Media Buccaneer, with Nat Abraham, Jim Corston, Nadia Jaynes and Joan Lambur, among others, as executive producers.

The student Yoshioka Futaba would like to conclude with the change from medium to high school their old stage of life, because, due to their attractive appearance the envy of their classmates has been exposed so far and was often excluded. She takes to work on her appearance to appear more grown up and mature to their fellow human beings. But when she meets her new school their flock and former classmate Tanaka, she wonders if her love still has a future with him.