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“Rogue is a drama produced by Nick Hamm and Matthew Parhill which tells the story of Grace Travis (Thandie Newton, RockNRolla), a detective who, after losing her seven year old son, lives tormented thinking she was partly to blame for the strange death of the child.

Grace decides to devote himself to discover what really happened on the fatal event, so it infiltrates a mafia organization in Oakland, led by Jimmy dangerous Laszlo (Marton Csokas, Alice in Wonderland). No matter what will have to happen and what will surely have to do to find out what really happened to his son, the detective will have to help the mobster to find the mole inside his criminal gang.”

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Grace is still missing out on. Ethan visits Chicago to examine well-known lawyer MartyStein DEA Agent Harper Deakins’ examination right into among Chicago’s most dangerous gangs deviates when a …

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The crime series “Rouge” is the story that is plagued by her conscience an undercover agent, because their professional activities could have led to death in circumstances of her …