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MIT graduate student, Liam Cole and billionaire technologist, Darius Tanzs discover that an asteroid is just six months on earth collide. With all the delicacy and without creating a public scandal began working together on a plan to save humanity. To do this, they recruit an aspiring writer, Jillian, to give the theoretical approach to approach. But in difficulty, things get complicated with the entry of government. Both are contacted with Grace Barrows, official Pentagon, which will be wrapped in a tug of war from both sides. Since the government gives you another focus and Harris Edwards, Deputy Secretary of Defense, is responsible for implementing a secret plan of attack to divert asteroide.Creado by Alex Kurtzman (Fringe), the series is led by Santiago Cabrera (Big Little Lies), Charlie Rowe (Neverland) and Jennifer Finnigan (The baby sellers). The Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo directs this dramatic thriller that also participates as executive producer.

CBS is committed to a dramatic thriller threats to the planet. ‘Salvation’ has a galactic thriller in which the main objective is to try to save the Earth, when an asteroid threatens to destroy the planet in just six months. This discovery led him out nothing less than a brilliant graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Liam Cole (Charlie Rowe) and a technological and billionaire scholar, Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera, “Big Little Lies’). Together, research presented at the Pentagon official Barrows Grace (Jennifer Finnigan of ‘Student Bodies’) for help to save the planet from impending collision. However, the plot thickens and plots become more convoluted as they advance information and discover the secrets behind the hermetic Pentagon.