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NBC and creator John Scott Shepherd ( ‘Seven days and a life’) bring us this comedy in which a woman feels she has direct contact with God. Beth Harper (Anne Heche, ‘Giftedness’) undergoes an experience that almost cost him his life, but survives. Since then, he begins to experience a strange feeling that pushes believe that God watches over directly and uses it to spread their palabra.La life of your family and friends change at that time, as Beth becomes a prophet which Moses. Her husband, Tom (Michael Landers, ‘Final Destination 2’), manager of a luxury hotel, is skeptical from the outset, while her lover Carly (Alexandra Breckenridge, ‘American Horror Story’) completely rejects rival it is a “choice”. But when strange things begin to happen around corroborating the prophecies of Beth, Tom and the other end to doubt. Is it true that God has chosen to spread his word?

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