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New project Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story). The series follows the formatting style that develops Murphy, each season a different scenario and a different plot. The first installment revolves around a college campus shaken by a series of asesinatos.La series begins in 1995 telling how Kappa Kappa Tau fraternity witnesses the death of a girl giving birth in the fraternity house. An unsolved mystery that reopens twenty years later when resurfaces “The Red Devil” mascot costume college and uses the murderer to commit murder. The house of the KKP is led by Oberlin Chanel, Chanel # 2, # 3 and Chanel Chanel # 5. When Cathy Dean MUNSH see how the rules of brotherhood, forcing the girls to accept anyone who wants to be a member. So Grace, Hester and Zayday are incorporated. In each chapter a person dies and the survivor will return for the second season, which will have a new story in a new setting and new personajes.La series is starring Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Billie Lourd, Abigail Breslin, Jamie Lee Curtis , Skyler Samuels, Lea Michelle and Keke Palmer and others. Also involved others like Nick Jonas and Diego Boneta.

Mary Queen of Scots was crowned with only six years of age due to the extinction of the male line, but could not reign until not get the majority or marriage. In 1561, when Mary was 19 years old, returns to Scotland to be crowned queen after spending years preparing for that time and after suffering the sudden death of his esposo.Cuando comes ashore, he finds that his country is immersed in poverty and wars. There are numerous religious and against the various clans of the nobility uprisings, all encouraged by his own cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England. The papacy and King Philip II of Spain, one of the most powerful monarchs, will be immersed in this family battle in which only one can win the victoria.El cast is led by Olivia Chenery (The Interceptor) as Mary Stuart, Rebecca Scott (the stigma of evil) as Elizabeth I and Adrián Castiñeiras (El Faro), who plays Felipe II. Rounding out the cast actors like Crispin Redman (Another Country), Matt McClure (Penny Dreadful), Carlos Camino (Everything is possible on bass), Nick Cornwall (Outlander), Leo Hatton (Maigret Sets a Trap), Fernando Gil (Noche Hache ), Laura Ledesma (The broken night) and Harry Jarvis (Thorne: Scaredycat), entered otros.Creada and produced by José Luis Moreno (Aquí no hay quien viva, The looming, night party), is a Spanish co-production Reinas -inglesa TVE and BBC, you can watch both in Spain and the UK.