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Scrubs’ is a comedy that chronicles the experiences of J.D. physician practices Dorian (Zach Braff, ‘The Last Kiss’), who begins his career in a somewhat surreal hospital crammed with an unpredictable template and even more foreign patients, and where humor and tragedy can merge into any time.The Dr . JD Dorian arrives at the hospital to begin his Sacred Heart interim period. Insecure, dreamy and somewhat eccentric, few are explained as J.D. can be such a competent doctor. With him reach his college classmates: his best friend, Chris Turk (Donald Faison, ‘The Exes’,’ Skyline ‘) belonging to the elite of the surgical team, and the eccentric and attractive Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke,’ Mad Love ‘), a doctor with many phobias and manias that irritate all those around her. Always alert to the rookie team are the fatherly chief of medicine, Dr. Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins, ‘Cougar Town’), the acerbic and worldly Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley, ‘Smothered’), and comprehensive nurse Carla Espinosa (Judy Reyes, ‘Buried’). the series follows the daily lives of inmates and hospital leaders, their relationships, their experiences in the world of medicine and the consequences their actions have on their lives and their Professions. Narrated in first person by J.D., each chapter explores how cases with those found influence the way that doctors understand life, all loaded with large doses of humor and irony.