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Together with his flock lives Shaun the sheep in the pasture of a idyllic farm. Shaun is young, somewhat naive and inexperienced. But he has a pronounced “sheep-sense” and is also used for the vertracktesten situations a solution. Although responsible for the supervision of the sheep dog Bitzer and the three pigs rather stupid to get every now and then in the wool, the country life is harmonious on the whole. And the farmer does not have to know everything, yes. Like the two other animated with plasticine characters Wallace and Gromit, Shaun and his friends lose no words. The subtle humor does not diminish. Because the wool of the sheep herd is colored red to drive a bull to incandescence, the big, fat sheep get for Abspeckprogramm a “personal trainer” and for the football tournament of the flock has to serve a cabbage as a ball.