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Shoot the Messenger tells the story of Daisy Channing, a young reporter who tries to balance his messy personal life with the rise of his career. Daisy day witnesses a murder that may be related to gang so lucky stands beside her and lies within a network of criminals and illicit sexual activity that moves by the political and corporativo.La to fiction it is starring Elyse Levesque (Orphan Black), Alex Kingston (Arrow), Lucas Bryant (Haven) and Lyriq Bent (Nola Darling). It is a dramatic series produced by Jennifer Holness and Victoria Woods with Sudz Sutherland as lead director. It is a production for Hungry Eyes Film & amp; Television Inc. in association with CBC Television and ITV Studios Global Entertainment.

We all want to believe in life after death, but few people think about how scary it might actually look like when there are living people hover weightless souls of those who have died. But Jack – the protagonist of the film “The Messenger” – knows for sure. From an early age, since his father’s death, he found himself a gift that used to be considered a curse – Jack is able to not only see the dead, but also to communicate with them. Terrible visions seem to be the guy the first sign of schizophrenia, and he even tries to get rid of them, taking potent psychotropic drugs. But in the end he realizes that everything that happens to him – a reality. All Jack interlocutors – restless soul who can not get to the light, without fulfilling its purpose. Convinced of its normality, the guy starts every way to help the dead end all earthly affairs, allowing to find peace in the afterlife. That’s just the surrounding people think completely differently. Still, when next to you sits a strange type with disheveled hair, and even stinking drunk and talking to himself, the first thing you do – to doubt his normality. The main events of the film are developed with the moment of acquaintance with Jack dead Mark – known journalist who was brutally murdered in a city park …