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Six is ​​a military action drama inspired by real events, developed by A & E Studios and The Weinstein Company. The series follows a modern American brotherhood of warriors, Navy SEAL Team Six, whose mission is to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan. However, the mission is severely affected when they discover that an American citizen is working with terroristas.La production of A & E and The Weinstein Co. will produce this series of eight episodes lasting partially inspired by real events, particularly the kidnapping of 2014 in a children Ecuela of Nigeria by Boko Haram. This military drama will be written by Oscar nominee and Vietnam veteran William Broyles and his son David Broyles, a military special operations veteran screenwriter. Mitchell Hall, a retired SEAL, also serves as a technical advisor, work already done in the film directed by Katheryn Bigalow, The darkest night.

Based on an idea by co-founder of the film studio MIRAMAX and film producer Harvey Weinstein, the action-packed drama series tells the adventures of a team of US Navy Seals who have killed in 2014 in Afghanistan a Taliban leader and find out is that a US citizen with the terrorists cooperates.