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British teen drama, winner of two BAFTA awards, in which a group of teenagers living in Bristol make their first forays into the chaotic world of adults through sex, drugs, eating disorders and other territories difíciles.Sid ​​Jenkins (Mike Bailey) is Tony’s best friend (Nicholas Hoult, ‘X-Men: First Class’), the popular, attractive and confident guy institute itself. But Sid is not. On the contrary, it is a timid boy, shy, inertia following his popular friend. That’s why so Tony, with his girlfriend Michelle (April Pearson), Sid decide to shake up the best way they can think of: by getting an appointment for virginidad.De lose this way will be presented to Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray, ‘Dark Shadows’), an old friend of Michelle who has spent time in a psychiatric entered. But unfortunately, will not succeed eccentric girl fall in love with Sid, for one simple reason: the guy actually has hidden feelings for Michelle. To make matters worse, the way Tony treats his girlfriend is not the best, and begins to distance her from his side and closer to Sid.Además of these characters, ‘Skins’ also delves into the history of characters like Chris Miles (Joe Dempsie, ‘Game of Thrones’), a troubled young man who lives with his unstable father after abandoning his mother, Jal Fazer (Larissa Wilson), the daughter of a renowned musician with constant problems at home, or Anwar (Dev Patel, ‘exotic Marigold Hotel’, ‘The Newsroom’), a young Muslim who despite their religion no doubt drugs, alcohol or premarital sex.

“Skins” gets under your skin and not just shows the partially easy life, the protagonists. The friends go through all the different situations and problems. For example, the shy boy Sid is in love with the girlfriend of his best friend Tony that he did not recognize that the girl Cassie, which suffers from an eating disorder, is in love with him. Rather than face reality to it looked panting any dream idea behind that can not be converted to reality, at least in the near future.