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30 years ago, parents of Sarah Bennet were killed by someone called The Executioner. Now, Sarah (Katie McGrath) returns Waterbury, the town where the crimes occurred, to start from scratch with her husband Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren) but upon arrival they discover that things have hardly changed in that quiet place. Or so it was until llegada.Casi inadvertently Sarah is involved in a series of crimes that relate to the seven deadly sins, and appear to be perpetrated by the executioner. However, the original murderer that name, Tom Winston, is in prison so he can not be the culprit. That means that someone is behind the mask of ‘The Executioner’ and his true identity must be discovered before more murders are committed. Gradually, the secrets of the past are being revealed and Sarah realizes something: all those around her are sospechosos.Katie McGrath (Merlin) plays the brave protagonist, Sarah Bennet, while her husband Dylan is played by Brandon Jay McLaren (The Killing, Falling Skies). Both will be accompanied by the rest of the cast, among which are Wendy Crewson (24, Revenge, Saving Hope), Steve Byers (Immortals, Alphas) ​​and Dean McDermott (Southbound) .Dirigida by Craig David Wallace and written by Aaron Martin, Slasher is produced in association with ‘Canadian network Super channel’, Slasher is the first original series American channel ‘Chiller’. In the production team also found Scott Garvie, Christina Jennings and Aaron Martin

The first story of the anthology series “Slasher” is about a young woman Sarah Bennett (Katie McGrath), who returns to her hometown, where she becomes the focus of a series of murders. Murders which adjust the ruthless killing of their parents. Gradually the killings and Sarah escalate starts everything and everyone in order to question them, to which even her husband Dylan (Brandon Jay McLaren) and her grandmother Brenda Meritt (Wendy Crewson]) and befriended Cam Henry (Steve Byers) and the police chief Iain Vaughn (Dean McDermott) belong.