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SMILF tells the story of Bridgette, a young Boston with the wishes and conventional aspirations of a girl 20 years: relationships, sex, studies … but this collides with real life, because they must face experience being single mother and all that that entails. Still, Briggette moved to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a star cine.La fiction is starring Frankie Shaw (Mr. Robot), Rosie O’Donnell (The View), who plays Tutu’s mother Bridgette, Ismael Cruz Cordova (Ray Donovan) in the role of ex-boyfriend and father of the young son of Samara Weaving (Ash vs. Evil Dead). This is semi-autobiographical comedy of Shaw itself, which produces and directs the series with Lee Eisenberg Gene Stupnitsky, Janice Williams and Michael London as executive producers.

Bridgette Bird (Frankie Shaw) comes from the poor of Boston and has a lot of stress, but still yearns for “more”. With the support of her wayward mother Tutu (Talk Masterin Rosie O’Donnell), it copes with its responsibilities as a single mother of a two year old, a job and the budget just so – and yet also maintains regular contact with the child’s father. But her private life remains in this triple burden on the track, and with mid-twenties she is not ready to make this part of life for the next ten or twenty years to break. But the day does not allow more than musings time. And it is these dreams and their toys that you make at night company.