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Laura Price is a mother who knows something very unusual: the exact moment his daughter Serena will be killed. Not only that, but knows the details about how it will happen this tragic event. However, he knows the identity of the murderer and the reasons that led him to end the life of her daughter. Laura has a mission is to keep Serena safe, but unfortunately Serena’s fate can not be changed. Created by Stephen Tolkin (Legend of the Seeker) and based on a Korean format, Somewhere Between is produced by Tolkin himself with Ivan Fecan and Joseph Broido. Tolkin is also responsible for writing the script of this fiction ABC featuring the Canadian producer Thunderbird Entertainment (Intelligence).

Laura Prince (Paula Patton) knows that her daughter Serena will be killed. She does not know by whom, and she does not know why. But she knows exactly when, where and in what way the murder will happen. And any attempt by Laura, to keep her daughter from a combination of circumstances, time and place far, proving to be doomed to failure. Serena’s inevitable destiny seems to be to cross the path of her murderer.