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Stan Against Evil follows Stran Miller (McGinley), a former sheriff of a small New England town who was forced to retire. His place was taken by Evie Barret (Varney), a spirited young man with a head full of ideas. How could it be otherwise, Stan does not agree with the way you have to take things Evie. However, this rivalry soon becomes a peculiar alliance when both realize that not everything is what it seems in the place they both call home. Their houses, streets, parks … The village is built on a place with a unique history: there were burning witches in the seventeenth century. Now, all demons, spirits and monsters have come out of oblivion and are willing to create the chaos absoluto.Creada Dana Gould, Stan Agains Evil is starring John C. McGinley, po-known actor playing Dr. Perry Cox Dr. Scrubs, and Janet Varney series actress who has participated in the television show Dinner and a Movie. The producer in charge of carrying it out is Radical Media.

In the horror comedy “Stan Against Evil” is about Stanley Miller (John C. McGinley), who recently lost his job as a police sheriff of a small town in New England. The reason: An outburst become one of the most inopportune moments at all – the funeral of his own wife. Stanley Miller is impatient, rude and did not care much for other people. Now the grumpy Sheriff must come to terms with having to give his star to his young successor Evie. The new police chief Evie Barret (Janet Varney) leads her ex-colleagues in mind that evil overrun their small town, and the two decide to work together.