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Stargate Origins tells the story of the young Catherine Langford, granddaughter of the archaeologist who discovered the first Stargate SG-1. Langford begins a new unexpected adventure in order to know the mystery of the Stargate so they can save Earth from the dark. Mark Ilvedson and Justin Michael Terry are the creators of this series has 10 episodes in its first season. Directed by Mercedes Bryce Morgan, fiction is a production studio MGM and New Form. The platform itself Stargate Command is responsible for issuance.

Mini series that deals with the history of both the “Stargate” -Kinofilms and the TV series. It focuses on the young Catherine Langford, daughter of the archaeologist Professor Langford, in 1928 during excavations in Egypt found the underground Stargate is. Catherine must uncover the secrets of the Stargate to save the world from disaster.