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Superstore is one of the new NBC has commissioned pilots. This is a comedy, recorded with a single camera, which revolves around a group of employees working in a shop storage. Through its relationships love, friendship and the beauty of small moments consideration. Ferrera and Ben Feldman are part of a single family that is formed by employees of a store. Johan focuses on a college degree who has not previously had a job and wants to try what it’s like in real life. His behavior away from his companions but slowly, with his charisma and enthusiasm endears by all demás.La series will be written by former producer and screenwriter of The Office Greg Daniels. It will address in this episode Ruben Fleischer. In addition Spitzer, Fleischer and David Bernad will be executive producers.

America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) and Ben Feldman (Mad Men) star in this hilarious comedy work tells the story of a particular family of employees who are part of a department store. Frames focus on the character of Amy, a clerk working at the company for 10 years and tries by all means to keep the attached template, and Jonah, a newcomer whose only goal in life is to show his colleagues that his routine in the company does not have to be boring. Among his colleagues are also sarcastic Garret, played by Colton Dunn

In one huge hypermarket, it was possible to get a job for both completely thoughtless students and experienced retirees. For each of them there was a place. Every day something interesting and unusual happens to the heroes. They manage to get involved in an absurd situation even despite the fact that almost all day they are all within the walls of one hypermarket.