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Swedish Dicks tells the story of two Swedish men who decide to open together private detective agency in the city of Los Angeles. One is Ingmar Andersson, a former stuntman who was removed after a mysterious event and the other, a former DJ, Axel Kruse. Both cases resolved not before confront and compete with a rival Ingmar old acquaintance, Jane McKinney.La fiction is an adaptation of a Swedish webserie of US production. It stars Peter Stormare (Fargo), Johan Glans (Cornelis), Vivian Bang (Sullivan & Son) and Keanu Reeves (John Wick). It is directed by Jon Holmberg and Peter Settman, and managers are Viking Brothers script, Andrew Lowery and Peter Settman.

Ingmar (Peter Store Mare), Swede, a former stuntman and based in Los Angeles trying to open a (unlicensed) private detective. Help comes from Axel (Johan Glans), a rather unsuccessful DJ. Together, the two survivalists trying to solve some strange cases in the city.

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Two unlicensed Swedish private detectives attempt to earn a living in LosAngeles SwedishDicks season 1 DIRECT LINKS EpisodeGuide Episode1:. Episode1 air day: 2016-09-02  . Episode2:. Episode2 air day: 2016-09-02 …