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Annemie D’Haeze, Mie, is a music star who sees his career cut from a car accident. However, perhaps the worst consequences of this are the constant memory loss, it has trouble keeping any memory generated after this event, some effects that worsen under the stress and pressure that can lead to disorientation and paranoia. One day, Mie suffers a domestic accident when left a pot on the fire, causing him to have to move along with her husband Benoit a continuous slope of this and of his illness man and his daughter Romy six years, the old house his grandfather in which cryo niña.No However, the fact of being out of the city that was used leads to adapt to their new environment aggravates his amnesia. That is why, finally ending admitted to a psychiatric facility where we get to know his past through flashbacks and where your only method acordase of all draw what he sees in a libreta.A turn, receives a visit from Mie Wolkers inspector, who says Annemie is the last person to have seen Thomas Specter, the mysterious chatarrero the village, two days before his disappearance, becoming the main suspect in the case. Thus, she becomes a key to resolve the investigation, but for this you need to put your mind in order and recover all your memories, with the added pressure that will not let go until Thomas appears. During this process of rediscovery, he realizes that maybe I should not trust the people around them, but not herself. This psychological thriller is a Belgian Veerle Baetens production starring (Alabama Monroe).

Since a car accident Annemie “Mie” D’Haeze (Veerle Baetens) is suffering from a particular form of amnesia and lives since closed in a mental institution. Of her life before the accident she can remember, but everything that happened afterwards and everything that happens to her every day since being blown as if by a sandstorm from her memory, again and again. Especially stressful situations accelerate the process of forgetting. But as Mia was apparently the last person to have seen the missing scrap dealer Thomas de Geest, the police set all hopes of solving the case with their help.