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Eddie is a private investigator from Los Angeles who is forced to share a case study with her, a former star of a show about cops fresh out of rehab wants at all costs to break into the race policial.Ambos have to face a completely disparate personalities, as she is an active and lively woman while Eddie is a serious and cold man who has the feeling of babysitting with his new partner. Nevertheless, gradually realizes that she plays a vital role in solving the case with surprising skills acquired through the program, which gives you a great promotion to the couple forcing them to continue working together for the request of its new clientes.Andrew W. Marlowe and Terri Edda Miller (Castle) are the creators of this series for ABC.

Sam is a star of detective series has been fired after more than 200 episodes playing a fearless police. To try to take off again his career, he will start working with a private investigator, Eddie, to resolve cases. He is a loner who is not enthusiastic for babysitting, but will start to change his mind when Sam demonstrate its ability to resolve the various investigations to which they must deal. And thanks to the fame of Sam get a large group of customers who want to hire a couple of detectives.