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Jane Sadler, a writer and TV producer, a single mother, is facing a very tough situation. In the process of separation, her 5 year old daughter has been kidnapped in the middle of the night without a trace, so you have to put everything at stake. This extreme situation make Sadler risk everything: from a recent file containing a string to produce a TV series he has written to his darker, more mysterious secretos.Sadler began to be real protagonist of his story, the disappearance of her daughter is a mystery. Who do you trust? Why does everyone hidden secrets? Jane realizes that your environment is not what parece.10 Days in the Valley is a dramatic television series drama written and produced by Tassie Cameron (co-creator and executive producer of the ABC hit police ‘Rookie Blue’) . Tassie Cameron also serves as ‘showrunner’ of this drama developed by Skyline Television.

Kyra Sedgwick ( “The Closer ‘) returns to television playing in’ Ten Days in the Valley ‘Jane Sadler, a television producer, to the top job, which is the boss of a successful but controversial crime series. Sadler is a single mother also currently in the midst of a separation. But all that will happen to the background and his life takes a turn when his daughter disappears inexplicably and mysteriously in the middle of the night without a trace, opening many questions.