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Astronaut Wives Club ‘revolves around wives who were behind the astronauts who went to explore the final frontier during the space race of 1960. When seven US astronauts launched an expedition of great danger, the television cameras focused on the brave smiles of his young wives. These women went from being spouses of military estadodounidense.El royal period drama is based on the novel by Lily Koopel the same name and the script is written by the creator of ‘Gossip Girl’ Stephanie Savage, besides being an executive producer along Josh Schwartz ( ‘beyond love’) and Len Goldstein ( ‘the Carrie diaries’).

The series “Astronaut Wives Club” is set in the 1960s and tells the story of the wives of the legendary Mercury Seven. Who have lived on the side of American astronauts who stood by the so-called “Space Race” between the Americans and the Russians in the focus of media attention. The hard training and the high (life) risk for husbands care in addition to the need to present an ideal world image outward to stress. However, the seven women in the center are also overnight celebrities who almost back members of a royal family in the public eye. However, not always is all well and sometimes fatalities must be overcome, they go through together.